Colorado attorney general sues Boulder County clerk to halt gay marriage licenses

By Kyle Johnson,

Boulder County Clerk Hillary Hall has continued to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples since an appellate court ruled against the ban in Utah, forcing the Colorado attorney general to file suit.

Hall made it known last week that she would continue issuing licenses until Attorney General John Suthers sued her. "This is the right decision," she said while defying Suthers.

The 10th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled in support of a federal judge in Utah who struck down the state's gay marriage ban as unconstitutional. Since the appellate court's rulings covers six states - with Colorado one of them, Hall began issuing licenses, despite the court also issuing a stay on the ruling.

After more than 100 licenses have been issued, Suthers has finally filed a lawsuit against the county clerk, Reuters reports.

"While we would prefer not to sue a government official, Ms. Hall's actions are creating a legal limbo for both the state and the couples whose relationships she wants to champion," the attorney general said in a statement. "That limbo could have tangible and unintended consequences."

According to The Associated Press, the five gay legislators in Colorado are asking the state to realize it's time to just let same-sex couples get married as courts across the United States continue to rule in their favor.

"There's nothing left to argue about. It's time to put a court-order in place enjoining the enforcement of our ban in Colorado. Let people be married and move on with their lives," Sen. Pat Steadman said.



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