Common thinks Captain America's change is "a beautiful thing"

By Benjamin Mazzara,

Rapper Common expressed his complete support of Marvel’s decision to change Captain America to African American character Sam Wilson, previously known as the Falcon, who has been Captain America's partner for more than a decade.

When approached by TMZ to get his opinion on the matter, Common said, "It's a beautiful thing. It's the way the world is. The diversity in comic books is just showing where we are as people. I think we gotta see superheroes in diversity so we all know we're all together."

According to Radio.com, Common also expressed his support of Marvel’s decision to change Thor to a woman, as we reported earlier this week.

Sam Wilson’s will first appear as Captain America in October, while Common's upcoming album, titled Nobody Smiling, is slated to release next week.

As TMZ notes, Common was original cast to play the Green Lantern back in 2008, but the plans fell apart due to the Hollywood writer’s strike. He later admitted that he would still love to take the role, and might get his chance when the planned Green Lantern/Flash movie begins production.

Image courtesy of INFphoto.com



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