'Community' cast and crew tease Season 6 at Comic-Con

By Brendan Morrow,

The dream of six seasons and a movie was alive and well at Comic-Con yesterday, as the cast and crew of Community gathered to discuss the future of the recently revived show.

The panel, hosted by TV Guide, featured stars Joel McHale, Gillian Jacobs, Jim Rash, creator Dan Harmon, executive producer Chris McKenna and writer and star Dino Stamatopoulos.

According to HitFix, Harmon confirmed that the show, now being shown on Yahoo Screen, will still be released once a week and will not become a binge-watching show like House of Cards. The showrunner said he's committed to keeping Community about the same as it was on NBC.

It seemed Harmon and his crew were too early in the writing process to give much concrete information about the plot of Season 6, though. Harmon joked about a Pokemon episode, saying "Everyone's gonna be a vampire."

In terms of returning cast members, Harmon suggested that it's contractually possible for John Oliver to return. However, he was unsure if he would be available after the popularity of his HBO series, Last Week Tonight.

And although the panel confirmed Chevy Chase's Pierce will not be returning, Harmon noted that Troy is still on his trip around the world, teasing the movie portion of "six seasons and a movie."

"Troy's out there somewhere, Harmon said. "He may be in peril. That's what movies are good for."

As we previously reported, Community was cancelled by NBC back in May, only to be saved last minute by Yahoo, which will show the new season on the Yahoo Screen portal.

The air date of Season 6 is still uncertain, though according to the panel it will be released sometime after Christmas.

Image courtesy of Roger Wong/INFphoto.com



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