Conan O’Brien and Dave Franco join Tinder, meet up with match

By Rachel Karach,

Conan O’Brien is known for the silly antics that ensue as part of his show. On this Thursday’s episode of Conan, he and special guest Dave Franco decided to see what Tinder is all about.

Tinder is a social network and dating app that finds people in your vicinity and age range. If two people like what they see, they are put in contact with one another to text via the app. According to GossipCop, Franco and O’Brien decided to have a little fun and come up with fake profiles to see what kind of ladies they would meet. Franco joined under the name Jengis Roundstone while O’Brien’s alias was Chip Whitley.

After matching with a few women—including a 74-year-old beauty—they hit the street in their sketchy Tinder van. Franco dubbed the vehicle “brown lightning” and Conan said he’d never before felt more like “a murderer on the prowl.” Watch the video above to see what happened as the unlikely pair met up with their first Tinder match.

Franco has also been recently cast in his brother’s new film, The Disaster Artist. He will play actor Greg Sestero in an adaption of the novel by the same name.

Image courtesy of Peter West/ACE/INFphoto.com



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