Couple petition to change middle name to 'Seamonster'

By Kyle Johnson,

In lighter and/or amusing news of the day, a married couple in Holyoke, Massachusetts petitioned to get both their middle names officially changed to 'Seamonster.'

The couple, Melanie Ann Convery and Neal James Couglin, quietly filed a petition seeking to make them Melanie Seamonster Convery and Neal James Seamonster Couglin, MassLive reports. While the last name is enough to raise anyone's eyebrows, they quietly posted it in the Holyoke Sun not expecting anyone to notice.

However, it was noticed and Convery took to Twitter to quip, "I thought posting our legal name change in the Holyoke Sun might mean no one would read it. Turns out grandmas like reading legal notices."

The couple also refused an interview by MassLive reporter Michelle Williams through Twitter, responding that though they wanted to change their middle names to something like Seamonster, "my husband and I are pretty private."

Their name changes were set to become official on Wednesday before Hampden Probate and Family Court, and while people can object to name changes, there is little reason for something like 'Seamonster' not to be granted.



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