Crocodile attacks handler during show at Australian zoo (Video)

By Michelle Kapusta,

An Australian zookeeper was bitten on the hand and dragged into the water by a crocodile during a feeding show on Monday.

According to the Australian Associated Press, Trent Burton was feeding male croc John, the biggest at the Shoalhaven Zoo at Nowra, when the incident occurred.

Terrified onlookers watched in horror as the reptile grabbed the trainer’s hand with its teeth and dragged him into the water.

However, Burton did manage to break free from the croc’s jaw and was transported to a local hospital. He was treated for puncture injuries to both hands.

"It’s an attack and that is serious, but thankfully the injuries aren’t life threatening, which it certainly had the potential to be," the owner of the zoo said. "He’s more disappointed with himself that it happened."

The owner also said that John the Croc has been a resident of the zoo for 10 years and Burton, who has over a decade of experience working with crocodiles, fed him every day.

The 31-year-old handler hopes to be back in the feeding pit with John as soon as his doctors clear him.

You can check out video of the incident in the following report:



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