Daily Recap World Cup 2014 7/08, Germany stun the host nation

By Andrew Wilson,

Many complained about lackluster performances, too many matches ending in extra-time, or penalty kicks, with fans and critics stating teams have been good, but no one has been great. Germany quieted everyone today, including foes Brazil, in what was set to be a clash of the titans. The match turned into an absolute slaughter for the host nation.

Giving the advantage to Germany, ABC News noted the German offense in comparison to Brazil during the competition has been outstanding, most notably from Thomas Mueller and Miroslav Klose. The latter, at kick-off, had tied the Brazilian Ronaldo for most goals scored in total World Cup appearances.

A massive breakdown in defense is an understatement. With the weight of the entire country on their shoulders, Brazil would let an early goal through at the 11th minute by Thomas Mueller. While fans looked in disbelief, they quickly shrugged it off and looked to even things up. In a jaw-dropping 6-minute run, Germany would go on a goal-scoring spree, bringing them up 5-0; Klose at the 23rd, Toni Kroos at the 24th and 26th, and Sami Khedira at the 29th.

Coming out of the locker room down by 5 goals, a number Brazil has never faced in World Cup history, it would be André Schürrle who came on as a substitute for Klose on the 58th minute and score his first of two 69th. He then scored another, just bouncing in off the top of the crossbar at the 79th. Brazilian Oscar would get on at the 90th but Brazil would see their worst loss, while Germany would break the record for most goals scored in a semifinal game.

As International Business Times reminded us, the host nation have still been licking their wounds from 64 years ago as they lost the title game as host nation to Uruguay. With a beating they saw today, Brazil may never want to host the game again.

Netherlands and Argentina face off July 9 to see who will play Germany in the final.

Credit: INFphoto.com



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