Daily Recap World Cup 2014, 7/12, Netherlands overpower Brazil for third place

By Andrew Wilson,

Both sides had underwhelming performances in the semifinals, and both were looking for a revitalization, especially the host nation after their devastating loss to Germany. Even with a desperate “need” to win, Brazil could not stop Holland from scoring goals.
Soccer field

As Goal.com noted, the Dutch may have a slight advantage having not lost a game in regular and extra time in the tournament, but they also haven’t scored a single goal in that same time during their last two matches. Games against Argentina and Costa Rica both went into shootout situations goalless, where Brazil had three goals, one against Germany and two against Columbia. Brazil unfortunately would change Holland’s luck in the first two minutes.

With speculation surrounding the absence of Neymar Jr. on Brazil’s line-up, USA Today noted the absence of captain Thiago Silva as the main factor for their loss to Germany. Unfortunately, this theory would prove wrong as Silva himself would cause the first goal with foul on Arjen Robben, although very embellished, inside the box at the second minute. Robin Van Persie would drive one in the back of the net from the penalty spot. With chances, Brazil could not find their ground and would go in the locker room at half time down by two.

Even stepping up their defenses, and not allowing any more goals in regular time, Brazil would create more and more possibilities on goal but could still not find the back of the net. Set pieces, and a wrongfully accusation of diving, called on Oscar. Brazil’s nightmare would not end though when in the first minute of stoppage time, Wijnaldum would receive a cross in the middle of the box and sink on past Julio Cesar ending the game Netherlands 3, Brazil 0. Even with making it to the semifinal, this World Cup would be remembered as their worst appearance since their devastating home loss against Uruguay in the 1950 final game.

It all comes down to tomorrow’s game with the heated rivalry of Germany v Argentina, and who will be crowned champion.

Top image credit: INFphoto.com



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