David Lynch may not be cooking up a new movie after all

By Will Ashton,

While promoting The Fault in Our Stars, actress Laura Dern excited David Lynch fans when she revealed that the prolific director was "definitely cooking" up a new movie. But, when speaking with The Guardian to promote the box set for Twin Peaks, it sadly came to light that Lynch may not be cooking up any new movie at all.

Inside the Guardian's talk with Lynch, while he is not directly quoted, it does say that Lynch has no new plans yet for a new movie. Instead, he is concentrating all his artistic thoughts and feelings towards a new, unspecified painting that he is going to work on.

Of course, this doesn't mean that Lynch will never, ever make a new movie, just that Dern's enthusiastic comments last month were not as truthful as she would like to believe. But that doesn't mean that there is necessarily a lack of Lynch out there. The artist has already established himself as a painter, a musician, a photographer and more. So, Dern did get one thing right: Lynch still very much "makes art wherever he can get his hands on it."

On another note, when asked if there would be any more Twin Peaks films or shows, Lynch responded, "In another life, yes. Like I say, you never say never.” So, while not directly encouraging, it does show that he has some interest to work in film once again. When he will, however, is the big question.

Image courtesy of INFphoto.com



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