'Days of our Lives' weekly recap - 7/14-7/18

By Samantha Glick,

News spread of EJ and Abigail's affair, Kate moved back into the DiMera mansion, Brady believed a lie Theresa told him, Hope was conflicted about her feelings for Aiden, Abigail preached morals to Eve, Marlena was stunned about John's condition and Brady's behavior leading up to it, Theresa scrambled to cover her tracks, Jordan and Ben came face-to-face with Clyde.

Sami dropped the news that EJ was having an affair with Abigail to Will and Sonny. Will remembered his cousin telling him about the inappropriate guy she was seeing. He told his mother and husband he knew. Sami was stunned.

At the Horton house, Abigail cried she was a s*** for sleeping with two brothers, one of whom was engaged to be married. Jennifer continued to console her.

John found Eric at the pub and asked for his assistance in helping Brady get his life back on track. Eric stated Brady wouldn't listen to him because of what happened with Kristen. They concurred Brady and Theresa were a train-wreck. Eric told John there was nothing anyone could do about their relationship. He informed him about the AA mantra, "Let go and let God." John sighed, ignoring the former priest's request to leave things alone.

Theresa and a very drunk Brady arrived home. She looked at her wedding band and told him they have something to celebrate. He didn't know what she was talking about, but drank the champagne she gave him anyway. When Vegas weddings are mentioned, Brady discussed his hatred for weddings because of Kristen. He drank to being single, while Theresa watched in horror. After his drink, he passed out, giving Theresa the idea to call John to the mansion. Brady awoke for a moment to see John, but passed out again. His father worried about the possibility of a concussion. Theresa wasn't concerned as she showed off her marriage certificate to John, who believed she got his son to marry her under the influence. "He wasn't of sound mind, which is grounds for an annulment," he boasted to the young woman. She offered to annul the marriage without Brady's knowledge if John paid her off. John showed her the recording of her confession, revealing a look of panic on Theresa's face. The two struggled as she fell to the ground, landing next to a fire poker. She grabbed the poker and swiftly struck John in the head. He went down.

JJ remembered Eve's truce at the Horton Square and called his mother.

Jennifer ignored her phone as she and Abigail discussed the affair. Abigail was ashamed, while Jenn wanted to know why her daughter didn't confide in her. Abigail said it was over before it started. Jennifer believed EJ took advantage of her, but Abigail said she was equally responsible. She asked for her mother's forgiveness, which she got. Abigail was worried about Sami telling the world, but Jennifer stated Sami was the last person to be judgmental. JJ arrived and the women filled him in on what happened. He didn't judge his sister, given his past crimes. He wanted to go after EJ, but Jenn informed him Sami was going to take care of that. They agree it won't be easy dealing with Sami. Abigail washed her face and came down the stairs to hear Jenn and JJ discussing Eve. Jennifer was not happy he spoke to Eve. Abigail demanded to know what was going on.

At the gala, Chase and Ciara attempted to get their parents to dance together more. Marlena dropped by, and Hope praised her for hosting the event. She joked about quitting her day job, and Roman complimented her with Giselle nearby. Hope took Roman aside where he stated he couldn't wait to dump Giselle. Hope knew about Roman flirting with Marlena. Aiden and Hope were uncomfortable when Father Louis toasted their performance in putting the gala together. Hope claimed to be exhausted to leave the gala early with Ciara in tow. Marlena assumed something was not right when Aiden flashed to the romantic moment he had with Hope.

Eric arrived at Will and Sonny's apartment to hear about EJ and Abby's affair. Sami informed the men Nick arranged for the photos to be sent to her before he was murdered. Eric apologized, believing she recently found out. She shocked them more by saying she got the photos several weeks ago. She just wanted revenge. Will hugged his mother after Eric stated they should talk about this somewhere else. Will was worried about his sisters and brother. They realized it was Sami who had EJ arrested. Sonny wanted to call Abigail to offer support, but Will thought it was best to stay out of it for now. He didn't understand how EJ could do this to his mother and Abigail.

Ciara assumed Hope wanted to leave the gala because she missed Bo. Hope agreed, but remembered the almost kiss with Aiden. She became sad again.

Sami and Eric were in the park where she bragged about how rich and powerful she felt. Eric stated she would be the one hurt the most by her revenge plot.



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