'Days of our Lives' weekly recap - 7/21-7/25

By Samantha Glick,

Theresa continued to cover her tracks. Brady decided it was time to make a change. Hope and Abe wanted to get to the bottom of things. Sami had a breakdown regarding her revenge against EJ and Abigail. Will thought it was time to strike back. Jennifer confronted Eve and Daniel. EJ received a surprise when he came home from jail. Rafe came to a realization about Kate. Paige and JJ had a disaster date. Jordan and Ben were harassed by Clyde about his money.

Nicole dreamt of Eric in her hotel room. Reality hit when her alarm went off forcing her to realize it was just a dream. Feeling lonesome, she called Daniel up to grab coffee. The doctor claimed he was busy. He hinted she should check out the news. Not knowing about John, she assumed he talked about Sami making things about herself. He accused her of being selfish before he hung up. Eric dropped by knowing she was covering the story on EJ and Sami. She agreed to show restraint toward his sister, suggesting they could be friends again. They relayed their history with Nicole angrily saying he can't forgive her but has no problem asking her for favors. He sniped that she never loved him prompting her to strike at him. He grabbed her arm where the two are too close for comfort.

Jennifer answered the door to Eve before closing it in her face. As she walked away, Eve stormed in, and they shout over each other. She wanted Jenn to talk to another producer to make more money. Eve mentioned doing what was best for their kids. She hated all the fighting. Jennifer accused her of using their children as pawns to get what she wanted. She physically threw the woman out of her house and locked the door. A defeated Eve stormed off.

Daniel checked on Brady while he sat at John's bedside. Brady didn't understand how he could do something like this. Meanwhile, Theresa remembered hitting John with the poker. Abe and Hope arrived, waiting for her to repeat her story. While she defended herself, Abe mentioned two prints were lifted off the poker. Brady's and part of Victor's, suggesting the poker was wiped before police arrived. Theresa mentioned the mansion having maids, and they moved on to why she moved Brady and John. Before any more questions could be asked, Aiden arrived as Brady's lawyer. Hope is stunned to learn Brady and Theresa were married. Brady claimed to not need a lawyer, saying he was guilty. Theresa saw Aiden off, while Brady said he wanted to be left alone. He told the detectives he had no recollection of what happened, nor could he understand how it was self-defense. They took note of how he wasn't wearing his wedding ring, yet he married Theresa last night. They assume she was the reason for the argument between him and his father. Daniel arrived and informed everyone John was stable but slipping deeper into a coma. It is possible he may never wake up.

Eve found a panicked Theresa in a community room. When she spilled her coffee on her "tacky dress," Theresa bit back at her sister, throwing her out of the room. Brady went to see John, while Daniel handed his case to the staff for long-term care. He decided to go to the pub for food. Eve eavesdropped while he and Maxine talked about him going home to sleep. Eve followed him to the pub.

Aiden returned to the hospital to see Hope. We remembered their romantic moment once more from the gala and things were still awkward between the two. He claimed to be visiting more clients. They were interrupted by Abe and Theresa as she took her lawyer aside, suggesting Abe was putting words in her mouth. She visited John and remembered their fight. Brady asked if she was lying and she refuted his question. She hugged him, and he decided something had to change. Abe and Hope noted Theresa's panic and suggested she committed the crime. They decided to wait for Brady or John to back up her story. Hope and Aiden concurred that they shouldn't be meeting alone anymore. Maxine told Jennifer where Daniel was, hoping the two would finally get back together.

Eve caught up with Daniel at the pub, feigning surprise to see him there. The two talked about Theresa and their kids. Eve held on to his arm, while Jennifer jealously watched from the window outside.

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