'Days of our Lives' weekly recap - 7/7-7/11

By Samantha Glick,

Kate and Sami were named co-CEOs of DiMera Enterprises, Sami confronted EJ and Abigail about their deceit, Brady threatened John, Theresa and Brady overdid it in Las Vegas, JJ confronted Eve over her lawsuit, Nicole offered EJ her help, Will got a new job opportunity, Clyde went to Salem to reunite with his kids, Jordan and Ben.

Brady read a text message from Mr. Sung at the Kiriakis mansion. He didn't remember texting Mr. Sung, speculating he was drunk or high at the time. Maggie entered, asking about his Narcotics Anonymous meetings. Brady told her they didn't feel right to him. Theresa came over, but Maggie sent her away. She eavesdropped on their conversation as Brady concluded John was a bad influence on him. His sponsor noted he looked hungover and tried to connect with him over her past experience with addiction. She commented that his behavior would catch up with him. Theresa came to the aid of her boyfriend as Maggie pointed out she was eavesdropping. Brady got rid of her by saying he had a meeting, and Theresa left too. He got in touch with his dad by inviting him over to the mansion. He wanted a fresh start for the both of them by working on a business proposal together.

Kate was chatting on the phone to an unknown person at the Horton Square. She understood they wouldn't be returning to Salem because of a pending arrest warrant. Clyde Weston entered as Kate welcomed him to Salem. He hoped his kids would be happy to see him. He just wanted to make things right between the three of them. Kate gave him Jordan's address as he made her promise not to tell anyone he was in town. He wanted his kids to see him for themselves first. She agreed and made him promise not to say anything about bringing him to town.

Jordan was in bed with Rafe at her house when she flashed to telling him she would reveal everything about her past to him. He woke up, and the couple made love. Rafe got a call for work, and Jordan told him their conversation could wait.

Nicole ended a phone call about a news story with her boss at the Brady Pub. She informed Eric there wasn't a reporter for EJ's story, and she wanted to be the one to cover it. She proceeded to ask him for details, but he declined to tell her anything. He stated he doesn't trust her and went to his room in the pub.

EJ paced in his cell at the Salem Police Department while Sami commented on him being a flight risk. He agreed and told his new wife she would have to vote his shares at the board meeting. Both agreed it was Kate behind this fiasco as she was jealous of their relationship. A notary arrived for Sami to sign some documents , giving her control of the shares. EJ promised they would be honeymooning soon and she left. Later, Nicole arrived with a snide remark of karma being a b****. She ensured that she was there to offer her support. He wanted to know why, and she claimed she needed a good story, while he'd get sympathy from her readers. He gave her an idea of who was behind his arrest.

Kate and Sami met at the park, so Kate could help Sami take off the necklace EJ gave her. They agreed their plan was working. Sami confidently stated she had EJ's shares and Kate had Stefano's. Kate was weary as she was forced to tell Sami she did not have the shares yet. Sami freaked out at the possibility of EJ having more control at the company, but Kate calmed her down. Her phone rang, and it was Stefano. He decided to have Kate be his proxy at the meeting which meant she would have control of his shares. Sami struggled to keep her emotions together as the two shared a high-five. Kate exchanged words of love with Stefano before hanging up. She turned it around on Sami as she commented on what she's getting out of helping her. She served her with a document that had their agreement in writing, forcing Sami to sign it. Kate did not trust Sami at all.

Maggie ran into Eric at the Horton Square as she talked about having Brady on her mind. She offered her apologies on what happened with Nicole, but Eric was just focusing on the future now. Theresa walked by and wondered if Maggie was trash-talking her to her cousin. As soon as Maggie left, Theresa went to say hello to Eric. She also offered her apologies about Nicole, but commented on how she tried to warn him about her.

Clyde hid in the bushes as Rafe and Jordan shared a kiss in the woods.



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