DC Comics' Batgirl getting youthful makeover with new creative team

By Brittany Cruz,

DC Comics' Batgirl will be undergoing some big changes this October, including a redesigned costume and the arrival of a whole new creative team.

Kicking off their run with Batgirl #35, writers Cameron Stewart (Batman Inc.) and Brenden Fletcher (Wednesday Comics) will be taking over the series with debut comic artist Babs Tarr.

After losing everything in a fire, the issue will see Barbara Gordon – a.k.a. Batgirl – starting anew. That means a change of scenery and a brand new costume to go with the occasion.

She is packing up and moving to a trendy part of town called Burnside, where she hopes to have the opportunity to leave behind the gritty alleys of Gotham City and experience some fun. Described as a social area known for its expensive coffee and breakout bands, Burnside is the perfect place for Barbara to focus on grad school and step out of the consuming shadows of Gotham.

Despite her efforts to live an average life, she will still be putting her crime-fighting skills to use. With her old suit out of order, though, there’s the necessity to put together a new-and-improved outfit.

Forget the spandex and high heels; Batgirl will instead be sporting a leather jacket and Dr. Marten-inspired combat boots. It is a sensible approach that strays away from traditional superheroine attire.

"The new (costume) is something she’s able to make herself, shopping at the various boutique and vintage stores in Burnside," Stewart told MTV News. "It also reflects her youth and style."

Looking as if it was pulled right out of a pop-culture magazine, Batgirl's new appearance will surely catch the eyes of teens and young adults.

Batgirl #35 will be available in stores everywhere on Oct. 8.

Image via Twitter from DC Comics

Who knows? Maybe the new look will even get in a future DC Comics movie.



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