DC Entertainment to allow Superman ‘S’ on abuse victim’s statue after all

By Mila Whiteley,

After initially refusing to allow the iconic Superman “S” to appear on a statue of child abuse victim Jeffrey Baldwin, DC Entertainment has reversed its decision.

Jeffrey Baldwin was a 5-year-old boy who died in 2002 due to the severe neglect by his grandparents, who are now serving life-sentences for second-degree murder as reported by the The Canadian Press.

After hearing Baldwin’s story, Ottawa resident Todd Boyce was inspired to fundraise and work to create a statue of the boy. The artist of the statue, Ruth Abernethy, has Baldwin wearing a Superman costume because, according the boy’s family, when he was younger he wanted to be just like the man of steel.

However, when Boyle asked DC Entertainment for permission to use Superman’s iconic “S,” they originally said no.

When news of this refusal spread, DC Entertainment was overwhelmed with backlash, and eventually changed their decision so that the statue could sport the superhero’s symbol. Speaking of DC Entertainment, Boyle said to the Toronto Star that, “I think all along DC has been very sensitive . . . that this is something they really did struggle with as an organization. In hindsight, maybe they might have been better off just quietly giving us permission in the first place.”

Work on the statue should be finished in time for a fall unveiling.



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