DirecTV announces pure fantasy-football channel for 2014

By Robby Sabo,

One thing is for sure: this is not your grandfather’s National Football League anymore. Fantasy Football has taken fantasy sports, and sports in general to another level in this country that we have never seen before. Interest in not only teams, but individuals (not to mention gambling), has sky-rocketed to new heights.

Time for fantasy-geeks to be floored once again.

Now, DirecTV is jumping on the bandwagon even further. On Monday they announced that they will be implementing a channel with the sole-purpose of fantasy football in mind. It will be called the “DirecTV Fantasy Zone Channel” and will be on channel no. 704 right next to the popular “Red-Zone Channel.”

The channel will be hosted by NBC Sports’ Kay Adams and Dhani Jones (former NFL linebacker) and “DirecTV Fantasy Zone” will be available every Sunday afternoon to subscribers who have NFL Sunday Ticket.

“NFL Sunday Ticket on DIRECTV strives to provide NFL fantasy players with even more content to help manage their teams. We’ve added a variety of unique features to our fantasy offerings over the years and creating DIRECTV Fantasy Zone is the next logical step,” said Chief Content Officer Daniel York.

While airing live, there will also be a chef who will cook gameday food for viewers to see.

With this news that excites most of America, the only question left is this: who should you draft number-one overall? LeSean McCoy, Jamaal Charles or Adrian Peterson?



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