'Doctor Who' Season 8 teaser hints at return of Davros

By Brendan Morrow,

A new clip released from the BBC gave Doctor Who fans quite a lot to digest in just 20 seconds of footage.

In the new teaser released on the official Doctor Who YouTube channel, we see the TARDIS crashing following the events of the Christmas special, "The Time of the Doctor."

We can also hear the voice of a dalek who claims to be able to see into the Doctor's soul, seeing "beauty, divinity" and "hatred."

Fans were quick to point out that the dalek's voice sounds very much like Davros, founder of the Dalek Empire last seen in the Season 4 finale "Journey's End." He is considered to be one of the Doctor's biggest rivals.

As The Independent observed, this teaser also gives us some insight into Peter Capaldi's take on the Doctor, suggesting he might be darker and more mature than the more excitable, childlike Doctor played by Matt Smith.

Doctor Who will return for Season 8 on August 23 with its premiere episode, "Deep Breath."



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