Dog faints from reuniting with her owner after 2 years of separation

By Elizabeth Sudlow,

First you will laugh, then you will cry and then you will laugh while you have tears in your eyes from the cutest reunion video of all time between a dog and her owner.

Rebecca Ehalt has been living in Slovenia for two years and sure she has been missing her pet dog Casey, this video makes it evident that Casey missed Ehalt much more. Today reports that Ehalt was visiting her family home this week in Pennsylvania as her parents had planned a wedding reception for her and her husband.

Ehalt posted a video to YouTube capturing their reunion and in it you see the 9-year-old Schnauzer jumping all over her owner but she passes out for a few moments from the excitement. The video has more 23,000 hits and only online for five days.

The family was concerned when Casey passed out though as it was a first time thing for her but a vet assured she is quite all right. Ehalt noted in the caption for the video that their separation “in fairness is 14 years in dog years.”

Watch the video below and prepare yourself for a wide smile.



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