Dolly Parton may adopt a lost dog found at Glastonbury concert

By Chelsea Lewis ,

Dolly Parton found a dog at the Glastonbury festival and is going to adopt the dog if the original owner does not come forward.

Contact Music reported that Parton performed at the festival in front of 150,000 people and has now become attached to this dog following her performance at the historical festival.

This was one of the largest performances that Parton has done in the past few years. The "Jolene" singer recently spoke to BBC about her performance, saying that she was nervous at first but the crowd really welcomed her.

The dog was found on Tuesday by workers who were cleaning up the festival location following the event. The dog was named Dolly after Parton and is currently staying at a local animal shelter that is close to Worth Farm, Somerset, England.

Parton explained that she would be happy to bring the dog back to the United States if the owner is not located. ''I had my manager Danny Nozell call the Happy Landings Animal Shelter to make sure the dog is being treated and cared for properly," explained Parton. "'At this time, nobody has claimed the dog and the dog is in great hands at the shelter. I will take the dog home to America if nobody claims her within a reasonable amount of time.''

She added that she was very sad that this dog would be left behind, but she is pleased that everyone took the dog in and named the puppy after her.

Image courtesy of INFEvents.com



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