Dozens feared dead, several injured in TransAsia plane crash

By Michelle Kapusta,

Dozens of people are believed to have died and several more have been injured after a passenger plane crashed in Taiwan on Wednesday.

According to the Taiwan News, Flight GE 222 was carrying 54 passengers and four crew members on a flight from Kaohsiung Siaogang airport headed to Penghu Magong airport.

The plane was set to leave Kaohsiung around 4 p.m. local time, but take off was delayed due to the remnants of Typhoon Matmo.

Details about the crash are still emerging and the exact death toll at this time has not been confirmed. However, the Straits Times in Singapore and local media reports have put it at 47 and the number of injured at 11.

Aviation officials have said that the flight aborted its initial landing and then crashed.

Rescue crews remain on the scene and after their efforts are completed an investigation of the crash will be conducted by authorities.

The Taiwanese TransAsia airline makes mostly domestic flights.



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