Dozens of people shot in Chicago over holiday weekend

By Michelle Kapusta,

The holiday weekend in Chicago was a violent one as local media outlets reported that dozens of people were injured by gunfire and several had died.

According to CBS Chicago, at least 11 people were killed and around 60 others were wounded between midday Thursday and Monday morning.

"It's Groundhog Day in Chicago," Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy despondently said. "It all comes down to guns. Too many guns coming in, too little punishment going out."

In some incidents, suspects exchanged gunfire with law enforcement officers, who fatally shot two of them.

As of Monday morning, police do not have any of the suspects involved with the shootings in custody. All of the incidents, including the police-related ones, are under investigation.

WLS reported that during the holiday weekend last year 12 people died and a total of 75 were injured.

The city’s gun violence has garnered national attention, with police recording 880 shooting incidents or roughly five per day since June 29.



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