Driving too slow in Georgia could get you a ticket

By Jennifer Pilgrim,

Although it's common courtesy in many places to leave the left lane open for passing, it is now a law in Georgia that the left lane may only be used for passing. Any sort of long-term driving in the left lane while passing through Georgia may grant you a ticket.

Trooper Stewart Parker of Georgia State Patrol Post 12 said in a statement to WCTV: "Speed enforcement is our number one priority, however we do look for slower driver that's impeding the flow of traffic in the left lane."

The new law states that driving within the left lane is prohibited, unless under specifically listed reasons, such as on a toll road to pay a toll, authorized emergency vehicles engaged in official duties, or highway and maintenance vehicles during construction operations.

The Associated Press reports the new law went into effect July 1, but is only gaining popular knowledge due to the recent, more common stops done by officers to enforce it. Not all officers are issuing citations, but that leniency may not continue too much longer.



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