Early buzz for 'Guardians of the Galaxy' is in.....

By Will Ashton,

Just as the dog days of summer are coming into effect, one of the last extremely anticipated blockbusters of the summer remains the new Marvel movie Guardians of the Galaxy. With some cast members playing a tree and a raccoon, some were dubious if the movie could live up to Marvel's legacy. Well, if these first handful of early responses are to be believe, the movie does, and then some.

While official reviews are technically on the embargo for the time being, reviewers across the country could tweet their early responses. And, as it seems from this collection, collected by Slashfilm, that the movie is going over very, very well with critics. Probably with fans too, in the near future.

Here are just a handful of responses collected on the tweeting site so far.

As stated above, these are just a handful of the responses collected so far. More and more are coming out, including some more collected by Worst Previews, but most reviewers seem to agree on a couple things. The movie is able to balance its humor and action very well, with the movie excelling at both. Also, a lot of praise seems to be directed at Chris Pratt, who plays the lead, Star Lord a.k.a. Peter Quill, and Groot, voiced by Vin Diesel.

Additionally, a lot of applause is given to the movie's color palette, or just its vibrant use of colors in general. Plus, people love the movie's eccentric soundtrack.

Overall, these suggest that this movie can fit nicely into the Marvel universe, while also standing well on its own (the later being something that, quite frankly, the other movies seem to have trouble-looking at you, Thor: The Dark World.) Expectations were already high for this new superhero movie, but it appears that fans will be raising them even higher as the movie comes crashing into theaters on August 1.

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