Earthquake shakes Mexico and Central America

By Amanda Stewart,

A 6.9 magnitude earthquake rocked southern Mexico and Central America Monday morning.

The earthquake caused damage to many buildings, and resulted in mud and rock slides and power outages. At least 30 homes in Guatemala were damaged, according to The Associated Press.

According to USA Today, the United States Geological Survey said that the earthquake began around 6:23 a.m. and was centered in Puerto Madero, Mexico. It was originally classified as a 7.1, but was later corrected by the Geological Survey.

Three people, one of them a newborn baby, were killed in the midst of this earthquake. Thirty-three people were injured in total, most suffering from head injuries.

The death of the newborn was tragic and caused by the collapse of a hospital room ceiling.

Homes collapsed on two other victims where they resided in Pati.

The earthquake occurred 37 miles below the surface. It was felt as far south as El Salvador.



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