A fake mascot is being sued by the Chicago Cubs

By Ricky Yandoli,

It has been reported that the Chicago Cubs are suing two individuals for being fake mascots. Two men were accused of taking pictures with fans outside of Wrigley Field.

A lawsuit was filed on Friday against John Paul Weier and Patrick Weier. The cubs stated the two men have been showing up in Billy Cub outfits, according to the Chicago Tribune.

Also, the pair wore a number 78 jersey to go a long with a Cubs hat, proven by ESPN.

Fans were complaining about the mascot both men portrayed themselves to be, and the Cubs took action right away. Misleading the fans is something the Cubs do not want to happen, and this shows how much the Chicago organization cares about the ball club that has been around for more than a century.

Back in April, Patrick Weier punched a man for taking off the head of his fake mascot costume. It was a fight that broke out near a bar. Patrick and Paul Weier disturbing Chicago fans could have hurt the team's brand if they did not do anything about it.



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