FCC approves new budget to help manage Wi-Fi in schools and libraries

By Jennifer Pilgrim,

The Federal Communications Commission approved a new plan in a 3-2 vote pushing for better Internet speeds and broadband opportunities for public schools and libraries across the country. The plan outlines a two-year, $2 billion budget to achieve a more modern, accessible "E-Rate" execution.

E-Rate funding, which primarily focuses on connection and speed regarding the United States internal networks for schools, has existed since 1997, reports The Washington Post. Often times, the budgets developed for E-Rate plans are capped before any thorough work can be done, because of the continuous rising costs and changes within the technological world.

"We can't expect to compete if we educate the next generation with a support system frozen in the age of dial-up," said Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel (D). Tech Times reports that the current focus within the E-Rate budget is how the program is structured, rather than the amount of funds given. While that is still under debate, officials from the FCC have stated that they are glad to see some progress is being made.



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