First official trailer for Daniel Radcliffe's 'Horns' drops

By Kyle Johnson,

The first official trailer for the upcoming Daniel Radcliffe film Horns dropped on Friday for San Diego Comic Con.

The trailer, which is currently being exclusively streamed by MTV, shows Radcliffe dealing and eventually embracing the horns which have grown on his head.

Horns, which is based off Joe Hill's novel of the same name, follows Radcliffe's Ig, who is accused of murdering his girlfriend. As he continues to be hounded by townspeople who blame him for her death, he finds himself sprouting horns.

In the trailer, Ig is at first horrified to find himself sprouting horns, which others can see, but eventually grows to like them as he learns he can make people tell the truth. A useful ability while he looks for his girlfriend's killer.

He also finds himself a new friend in a snake and gets two news crews fight for an exclusive interview.

The 1-minute teaser-trailer dropped last week and offered only a glimpse of Radcliffe with the somewhat-goofy looking horns, but did show plenty of angry townsfolk.

Juno Temple, Joe Anderson, Heather Graham and Kelli Garner also star in the film.

Horns is set for an Oct. 31 theatrical release date.

image courtesy of Kristin Callahan/ACE/INFphoto.com



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