Flavor Flav cited for extravagant July 4 fireworks in Las Vegas

By Daniel S Levine,

Rapper Flavor Flav likes to show off his patriotism with a personal extravagant July 4 fireworks show. Unfortunately for the clock-wearing former reality show star, Vegas police have other ideas and really didn’t want to see his neighborhood go up in flames.

Before he planned on launching the fireworks, Flav told TMZ that his arsenal is worth $8,000 and filled his entire garage, but he didn’t pay a dime. The company that makes the fireworks agreed to give Flav the fireworks for free if he did just one commercial. He also said that he learned from last year’s disaster, in which he accidentally set off a big explosion that really annoyed the cops.

Although he told TMZ he was going to be “responsible” Friday night, police stopped the fireworks display before it started. According to the Las Vegas Review Journal, neighbors spotted the pallets of fireworks and since they remembered what happened last year, they called police. Police then took 100 pounds of explosives from Flav’s home and gave him two citations.

“I don’t want to go to jail for fireworks,” Flav told the Review Journal. He said that around 110 people showed up for this year’s party and “We all had a ball until the police came.” He later added, “It isn’t like I do this every day.”

His attorney told the Review Journal that the citations probably won’t affect his deal with prosecutors over his 2012 domestic violence incident with his stepson. Flav has to finish counseling classes by August or he will go to jail.

image courtesy of INFphoto.com



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