Florida State WR Jesus Wilson arrested for grand theft auto

By Leighton Schneider,

Florida State wide receiver Jesus Wilson was arrested for stealing a motorized scooter that was parked on the Florida State campus.

According to the Florida Times-Union, Wilson took the scooter on June 11 after he noticed the keys were in the ignition. When the owner of the scooter noticed it was missing he contacted the police and said he may have left the keys on the it.

Wilson crashed the scooter a couple of days later, causing $882.13 of damage, according to an estimate by the owner.

When police stopped Wilson while he was driving the damaged scooter, the wide receiver told police that he was borrowing the it from a friend.

According to Tallahassee Democrat on Monday, Wilson sent an email to investigators, saying that he had taken the scooter without the owner’s knowledge and that he did not know how he planned to return the scooter.

Wilson was charged with a third-degree felony. He will be suspended from team activities indefinitely until the matter is resolved.

Wilson, who will be a sophomore, was expected to challenge for a starting position this season. Last year he caught three passes for 23 yards.



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