Florida woman, dog die in house fire caused by fireworks

By Michelle Kapusta,

A Florida woman and her dog died following an accident with fireworks at her home on Friday evening.

According to the Orlando Sentinel, Kathryn Flint was severely burned by mortars and airlifted to an area hospital where she died from her injuries on Saturday. Her son, Christopher, 25, was also injured.

Authorities said one of the family dogs was killed in the blast as well and another was hurt.

WKMG reported that the 49-year-old woman had a family party at her home and walked into a bedroom to retrieve the fireworks when one of mortars the ignited. The dogs were in the room with her at the time.

Police are unsure exactly how the accident happened, but the explosion set off other mortars inside the room resulting in a fire.

Flint’s son rushed to his mother’s aid and pulled her out of the bedroom window. He was treated at the hospital and has since been released.

Police are continuing to investigate the incident.



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