Floyd Mayweather admits to having sex with T.I.'s wife Tiny

By Kyle Johnson,

Floyd Mayweather Jr. admitted on Thursday that he had sex with rapper T.I.'s wife, which may explain why the two got into a physical altercation in May.

While at a press conference hyping up his Sept. 13 fight against Marcos Maidana, someone in the crowd asked him about T.I., saying, "What about T.I.?" TMZ reports, which has video of the boxer's response, originally recorded by ESNewsreporting.

He shouted back at the person, sounding not at all apologetic, "What about the b---? I was f---ing his b---." Mayweather calmly added, "Money maker gonna make it do what it do, baby."

In May, the boxer and T.I. ran into each other at a Las Vegas Fatburger, which resulted in chairs being thrown and lots of yelling.

An employee at the restaurant was the only one to suffer an injury and it was minor.

At the time it was presumed that the fight might have been over T.I.'s wife Tameka "Tiny" Harris, which Mayweather admitted a few days later that that was true.

He apologized for calling her a b--- during the melee at the restaurant and said that the issue merely got out of hand because T.I. thought that his wife and Mayweather were too close.

Well, apparently he was right about that.

image courtesy of INFphoto.com



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