Footage from 'The Simpsons/Family Guy' crossover revealed

By Will Ashton,

The much-publicized crossover episode "The Simpsons Guy," seeing a blend between The Simpsons and Family Guy, will not premiere on Fox until September 28. But fans can get a sneak peek of five minutes from the episode, as footage premiered at Comic-Con and then online not long after.

As Entertainment Weekly writes, the clip showcases various moments from the upcoming hybrid episode, including moments like the Griffins coming to Springfield, Bart and Stewie bonding, Homer and Peter bonding, then another large-scale fight between the two prolific animated dads, among other events.

The big takeaway from this clip is that this is most definitely a Family Guy episode with The Simpsons characters instead of the other way around. As such, it plays more along the beats of a Family Guy episode than a Simpsons one, which may be disappointing and offbeat for fans of the yellow-skinned animated program.

While this clip continues to prove that Family Guy is on the decline, it is an interesting collision of two different animated worlds, with one other animated character making a quick cameo along the way. Here's a hint: it is another Animation Domination favorite.

In a semi-unrelated, but interesting note, neither The Simpsons or Family Guy were nominated for Best Animated Series at this year's Emmys.

Image courtesy of INFphoto.com



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