Former cop who shot a man texting in Florida movie theater granted bail

By Kyle Johnson,

A former cop who shot another man for texting ahead of the start of a movie in a Florida movie theater in January was finally granted bail on Friday and released from prison.

Curtis Reeves, Jr., was granted $150,000 bail by Pasco County Judge Pat Siracusa and released to his family waiting outside, The Associated Press reports. He had been refused bail since his arrest earlier this year, but an appellate court said bail could be set.

Though freed, the 71-year-old must wear a tracking anklet and is only allowed to leave the house to go to church, the grocery store, or the doctor and he is not allowed any guns.

"He's free. He's where he should be," Reeves' lawyer Rick Escobar said, The Tampa Bay Times reports. "He's where he should have been from the beginning. He's looking forward to spending a great deal of time with his family."

Reeves has been charged with second-degree murder after he shot another man, Chad Oulson, in January after an argument broke out over texting before a movie started.

The argument escalated and eventually Reeves pulled a gun and shot Oulson. Reeves has claimed that he was defending himself when he shot and killed the other man.

Attorney TJ Grimaldi said, Oulson's widow Nicole is more than "devastated" that Reeves was released from prison.



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