Former WWE champ Daniel Bryan takes down burglar

By Kayla Stroud,

Former WWE World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan recently came face to face with real life villains when he arrived home to find a burglary in process. Upon finding the burglars, he chased after them and put one into a submission hold.

According to TMZ, Bryan and wife, Brie Bella, also a professional wrestler, arrived at his Phoenix home Thursday from the airport. There, they noticed two burglars exiting their home with their belongings. After noticing the homeowners, the strangers dropped their stuff and took off down a back alleyway.

Then, Bryan chased after them. He caught one of the suspects and put him in a rear naked choke hold. While one got away, Bryan held the other suspect off until the police arrived to arrest him.

What's even more amazing is that Bryan took down the bad guy while in the process of rehabbing from neck surgery that he had three months prior. Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that he received news earlier that day that he needed to go back under the knife for a corrective surgery soon.

The Phoenix Police Department held a press conference for his heroic efforts.

image courtesy of Zelig Shaul/ACE/INFphoto.com



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