'The Fosters' recap: 2.03 "Play"

By Kelly Sarna,

We start this episode with Lena and Stef announcing to the kids during breakfast that they will be gone the next night to partake in a “babymoon” (aka: the last chance the two will be alone prior to the baby). But their plans are halted when they get word that the kids will be left alone unsupervised. It’s then Brandon and Callie state that they can hold down the fort for the night; Lena’s okay with this. It’s settled: Brandon and Callie are in charge!

Brandon in charge? Seems that way, since later at band practice, he tries to advise all-mighty lead singer, Lou, on musical direction to which she flips out. (It’s her band after all). During practice, she brings up an upcoming gig that’s…tomorrow night. Unable to leave the house, Brandon figures they can have a few people over at the house to hear the band. Great idea, right? (Wrong!)

The next day at school, Connor tries to explain to Jude that regardless if his father thinks he’s gay, that doesn’t bother Connor. But Jude doesn’t “want to be anybody’s secret.” A few lockers down from him, Brandon’s bandmate, Matt, tells Mariana of the upcoming jam session at her house tonight. Thinking it’s a huge party, Mariana tells her dance mates and of course in no time, the whole school knows.

While Callie is showing Wyatt a photo of her half-sister and explaining her current dilemma with the Quinns, she gets wind of the party at her house. With this new information, she knows what she hast to do: keep the party from happening.

Off at a hotel, Stef and Lena’s “babymoon” doesn’t start well. Immediately, Stef complains of the pricing and room size, while Lena wants to enjoy her time here. What better way then with a massage! Not exactly, since Stef talks her way through the whole thing with the masseuse (including awkwardly explaining Lena and herself are a couple).

Prior to the party’s commencement, Callie tries to convince the others to call it off. They aren’t having it. Mariana makes the point that this is their “babymoon”, too; the last time they will spend together…Mom-less. Callie gives in, but with requirements. The party’s outside only and no one can come inside (yeah okay, Callie!). She even calls Wyatt as bouncer protection to keep the party controlled (isn’t that breaking a rule, Cals?)
Jude invites some friends of his own so he can have his own little party upstairs.

Mariana is dealing with rule-abiding dance squad (one drink max, no hookups, etc), Brandon is trying to find his lead singer and Callie and Wyatt are on bathroom duty.
Upstairs, Jude’s friends suggest a game of spin the bottle. And just then, who better then to sneak over than Connor. Seems every Adams-Foster child is dealing with their own dilemma, except Jesus. He’s keeping one of Mariana’s dance mates “very entertained” (aka: they hookup. Rule broken, young lady!).
Speaking of, Mariana’s dance mates, one of them, Kaitlyn, disregards the “one drink max” rule and gets completely drunk. And she declared the rules in the first place! The end result: she sneaks her way upstairs and vomits all over Stef and Lena’s bed. Callie sure has her work cut out for her.

Back at the hotel, Lena is still trying to keep the romance afloat. Stef…not so much. After Stef shuts down Lena’s lesbian porn idea, she explains that she wants some fun on this vacation. She’s tired of hearing Stef only talk about the kids and money. Stef takes all of this as her fault their relationship is currently on the rocks and storms out of the room.

While the party is still going strong outside the Adams-Foster house, Jude’s party upstairs is getting quite awkward. Not only does Connor land on Jude during spin the bottle (result in an almost kiss between the two!), but Connor’s dad comes looking for him at the house! As luck would have it, Connor is able to sneak out to sneak back into his house, while Connor’s dad walks in on Jude with “his girls” and (fortunately), Connor-less.

After hours of waiting, Lou finally shows up to her own gig. She doesn’t stay long however, since Brandon ticks her off about being late. Lead singer or not though, Callie wants them to play something so this party can finally come to an end. He decides on “Outlaws” (the song he once played for Callie). While in mid-song, Lou joins them for some harmonizing, after she has a heart to heart with Callie who explains Brandon’s hand situation. You see, Brandon isn’t doing the band a favor…the band’s doing him one.

At the hotel, both Stef and Lena talk out their differences. Lena wants to feel the same way after their wedding night: completely in love. Stef says she gets so stressed and worried she forgets they still have to take care of one another first. Their sweet rekindling is cut short when they receive a butt-dial from Jesus. From the sounds of it, they hear obscenely loud music. Curious, they begin calling everyone.
Callie answers and explains they were just watching a movie loud and didn’t hear their phones ring. After a few word blunders from the group while they try and make their cover story sound legit, they are in the clear from their Moms.
The party is almost over, things couldn’t get any worse. Wrong. Just then, some idiot party attendees, ram their porch swing into the front windows.

Once the party’s over, the kids try to get the house back to normal. Easier said then done when they have glassless windows. Wyatt exclaims, he can fix the windows and have them set by the next morning.

But as Stef and Lena arrive home, and the kids think they pulled one over them, Stef closes the door just to hear the sound of glass shattering.
One word: Busted.



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