'The Fosters' Recap: 2.04 "Say Something"

By Kelly Sarna,

In this episode of The Fosters: Callie meets the Quinns, Jesus deals with his repercussions from the party and, Lena finds out if she’s been chosen to be the principal.

With Brandon playing piano again, the Adams-Foster gang decide to convert the garage into a music studio. While they start cleaning out their nostalgic items (bicycles, school projects, dinosaurs, etc.), the kids kick a beer bottle from the party away from their Moms. The varied toys Lena sees in the boxes accidentally causes her to blurt out the upcoming baby’s sex: a girl. The boys are officially outnumbered!

Afterwards, Callie shows Jude the photo of her half-sister, Sophia. The two talk about the upcoming Quinn family meet-up, which brings up the topic of their true relations. Callie reminds Jude that no matter what, he is her brother, not half like their blood states. They will be family forever and always.

The next morning at school, Connor approaches Jude and instantly apologizes about his father and his attitude lately. Jude just hears his pleas and walks away without responding. In Lena’s office, she is offered praise and good lucks for her running for principal from a fellow colleague. But this is cut short by Timothy walking in and going on about his disapproval for the baby.

Over at the gym, it appears someone got kicked off the dance squad because of their actions at the party. At first, Mariana’s confused; Kaitlyn was by far the worst at the party. But alas, tryouts for a new member are a go. Before the tryouts though, Hayley (Jesus’ hookup), asks Mariana if Jesus has said anything about her. Girl’s got it bad. Seems she isn’t the only one. Across the gym, Emma still seems to have her eyes on Jesus.

Love is in the air for Callie and Wyatt as well. The two are found in quite the make out session at the beach. Wyatt wants to take things further, but Callie informs him she physically can’t because of her parole. Wyatt has no issue with this; he’ll wait forever for Callie. He loves her.

Later at the house, Callie walks in on Brandon playing in his garage-turned-studio. After the compliments of his sound, she informs him she’ll be meeting her half-sister tomorrow. Before the conversation goes any further, Lou enters causing Callie to exit. Lou picks up on Brandon and Callie’s “chemistry” and reminds him they aren’t really related. This is when Brandon (finally!) puts his foot down and exclaims, no…they are. About time.

After being nervous and frantic over her interview all last night, Lena is ready to face the search committee (that includes Timothy). All is going well, she’s answering every question, impressing everyone, until…the elephant in the room is mentioned. Timothy blurts out the obvious: that Lena is pregnant and how that would affect the principal position. Baffled at first, Lena takes it in stride and answers honestly.

In Science class, Jude is asked a question and continues to remain silent. This is starting to become concerning.

Off in the gym, the dance squad are having tryouts. It appears two girls are up for grabs: Kaitlyn’s friend, Jenny or Tina, a black girl with killer moves. Mariana is left wondering who the team will choose. Diversity or Favoritism? However, she ends up being the only girl that votes for Jenny. She claims Tina might not fit in (aka: she’s not white or blonde). Her teammates don’t agree.

Meanwhile, Stef and Callie are meeting up with the Quinn’s. Stef reassures Callie that it’s alright to be nervous, she is after all, just seconds from finding out who she comes from. Immediately, Sophia is all joyous smiles. Mrs. Quinn…not so much. The Quinn’s ask Callie the usual questions: How many foster homes has she been in?, How long has she lived with the Adams-Fosters?, etc. Callie answers honestly, even bringing up juvie. After more small talk, Sophia practically drags her to her room, leaving the adults to chit-chat. This is when Mrs. Quinn asks when Callie will be adopted. Easy, when your husband signs the papers, Stef responds. The look on Mrs. Quinn’s face proves she knew nothing of the sort. Uh-oh, Robert Quinn.

Back at school, Mariana finds Lena to ask her two questions: 1) Does Anchor Beach require “diversity quotas”? and 2) Can Hayley come over? Answers? Of course, the school doesn’t require anything, they simply encourage it. She also signs off on Hayley coming over. Little does she know it’s more of a play-date for Jesus than Mariana.

Now, Robert Quinn and Stef are discussing Callie’s adoption process privately. Robert explains the only reason he visited Callie at work was because he wanted to see her for himself, get to know her beforehand. He even wants to setup a college fund for Callie. Stef says she’ll have to talk it over with her wife.

Prior to Jesus and Hayley time, Mariana asks Hayley why she was chosen to be on the team. Hayley says it’s because they thought having the principal’s daughter on the team would save the team from getting cut.

Speaking of Lena, she finds out via Timothy that she didn’t get the principal position after all. He does hand her an envelope though, if that makes up for it.

While playing “lookout” for Jesus and Hayley upstairs, Mariana not only covers for Hayley to Lena, but also for Jesus, when Emma appears at the door looking for him. Jesus has found himself in a love triangle once again.

The second Stef hears the news about Lena not being principal, she rushes to her wife’s side and sends cuddles and kisses her way. But Lena’s just looking on the Brightside, Timothy signed the donor papers!
Callie decides to call Wyatt over to adorably confess her love for him. There are just some things you can’t do over the phone.
Once inside, the Moms ask her the last time she’s talked to Jude. She responds with that morning. But the real question is: when was the last time he spoke to her.

They all find Jude to ask what’s wrong and for him to speak, but we end the episode with him still mute.

What’s got Jude so silent?



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