'The Fosters' recap: 2.05: "Truth Be Told"

By Kelly Sarna,

On this week's episode of The Fosters, the Adams-Foster gang try to find the cause for Jude's current muteness, Brandon still feels guilt about sleeping with Dani, and Callie and Wyatt decide to "take the next step."

Callie wakes up to the sound of constant heavy breathing. Is that Mariana...oh, she's just dancing. (That would have been awkward).
While brushing their teeth, Callie tries to talk to Jude. No luck, he doesn't respond.

In the kitchen, Stef and Lena explain to the kids to treat Jude as normal as possible. Jude's therapist says he has "selective mute-ism" and is using this as a coping mechanism. But for what? Before everyone has time to brainstorm, Jude walks in. An immediate subject change occurs. Like for instance, Callie has a guest outside.

It's Sophia! She has a present for Callie! Seeing the excitement on Sophia's face, Callie knows that she loves their new relationship. Judging from Jude's face as Callie walks inside, he doesn't.

At school, Callie explains to Wyatt that she can't see Sophia anymore if it makes Jude upset. But wouldn't that do the same thing to Sophia?

Walking to their lockers, Jesus and hookup Hayley do some flirting (of the butt-slapping variety). This comes to a halt when Emma's waiting for him by his locker. She thinks it's a mistake they broke up. Uh-oh, seems Jesus has a decision to make.

In Lena's office, Connor meets her. He explains his concern for Jude. He's standing up for the kids that are making fun of him currently. Connor also tells her about his father's opinion on Jude (and how Connor can't see him anymore). Lena reminds him that he's not his father and he's a good friend to Jude; he'll make the right choice.

At the precient, Stef has received Ana's dental records. As soon as she sees Mike however, she shuffles them aside. She compliments Mike on his on going sobriety to which Mike says he owes it all to Dani. As he lives, a cop reveals to Stef about the body they found previously. A cause of death has been discovered: blood trauma. The cop asks if Stef got the records she wanted. She lies.

Later at night, Dani gets a call from Mike saying he's not going to dinner. Brandon, who was attending, decides to leave if his father isn't coming. It's then, the two bring up "that night" and come to the conclusion that Mike won't forgive them if he finds out. Because of this, Brandon storms out, wanting nothing to do with Dani and her manipulative ways.

At the Adams-Foster house, Jesus goes to Mariana to ask why she didn't mention that Emma stopped by. Uh, he was a little busy hooking up with Hayley, she replies.

Lena tries to talk to Jude. She brings up Connor and his Dad. She feels sorry for Connor to be raised in that judgement She reminds him that he can always come to them about anything, no matter what.

With Stef and Lena near bedtime, Lena shows her baby bump to her wife (finally)! Stef also fills Lena in on the possible Ana murder and her suspect: Mike. Lena doesn't think he's capable, but Stef isn't so sure.

The next day, Brandon and the band are hiking in the woods, in hopes to get inspired. Their "inspiration": pot brownies. Hesitant at first, Brandon goes for it. After time, they're rhyming words like bat and cat together. Brandon on the other hand is freaking out. (Must be the weed and guilt about Dani). He ends up going to the bathroom, but forgetting where he was. He realizes his best option is to call someone.

Before Callie's work shift, she makes the decision to go "all the way" with Wyatt, while the two are having quite the heavy make-out session. Screw parole! But just when the two are in the middle of doing so, she panics and urges Wyatt to stop. He does so, but is utterly confused.

As Wyatt is dropping Callie off at work, Wyatt wants to clear the air and hopes it wasn't anything he did. He loves her.

The person Brandon ended up calling was Lena. He honestly mentions he's high and hyperventilating over it. Lena reassures him that it'll be okay, these things happen. But Brandon isn't so sure. He's consumed with guilt to the point where he confesses his hookup with Dani to her!

Speaking of Dani, she meets up with Stef and says she's worried if Mike's drinking again (or high for that matter). He's gone all the time and super secretive. Things aren't looking good for Mike.

During her shift, Callie is taking out all her problems on a poor innocent table. Daphne seeing this wants answers. Callie comes clean on Wyatt and her's attempt at sex (Daphne assumed they were already doing so). Callie thinks it's cause she still has feelings for Brandon. Is it? Or is it because she's afraid to have sex after her previous assault from Liam? Just as she gets up, she think she sees Liam! Fortunately, it wasn't him.

Later at the house, Lena comes in to check on Brandon's high-ness; he's fine now. She insists they tell someone (like Stef or Mike) about it, but he refuses. It'll just cause chaos.

Downstairs, Callie again tries to attempt to talk to Jude by texting him while he's playing a video game. "Please talk to me." No response. "I thought I saw Liam today." This gets a reaction. While he doesn't say anything, he does comfort her a different way, by holding her hand.

Stef manages to follow Mike...to a motel. Moments after he heads inside, she knocks on the door. Who answers? Ana of course.



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