'The Fosters' Recap: 2.06 "Mother"

By Kelly Sarna,

In this episode of The Fosters, Stef figures out the truth about Mike and Ana, Wyatt worries about Callie and everyone comes together to support Lena during a medical crisis.

We start with Stef and Lena lounging in bed together, looking at their decision for the crib. The baby’s born and it’s a girl! But just as the two start comparing their newborn to each other (she totally has Lena’s toes), we find out that it’s just a dream. Lena awakes to an argument between Jesus and Mariana. But just after Lena dissolves the dispute, she starts having pain from the baby. She starts to call both the doctor and her wife, asking when she’ll be home.

Stef is still at the motel with Mike and Ana. Mike reveals that since his drunken night, he’s been helping Ana out. Turns out Ana’s also 60 days sober; the longest she’s gone since she was 15. Stef and Mike end up going outside to argue more about this. Their conversation is cut short when Stef gets a call from Mariana saying that Lena has been taken to the ER.

The following morning, while Stef is making sure Lena is okay, Brandon meets Wyatt to ask about all things Callie. Unfortunately, Brandon isn’t even an expert on her. However he does suggest he give her space.

At the home, Jesus is trying to sell Stef and Lena’s bed. No one seems to be the perfect fit, until the end when an older woman barters with Stef. Outside, Callie tries to talk to Jude as they plant plants for Lena. Callie says it’s okay that Jude isn’t speaking yet, he can do so when he feels ready.
Inside, Mariana ends up embarrassing herself by announcing loudly that she’s a virgin because she chooses to be right in front of Brandon and Matt, his band-mate.

Later, Dani and Mike graciously bring dinner over to the Adams-Foster home. Dani would like to see Lena, but Brandon doesn’t think it’s a good idea, Dani hardly knows Lena after all. Really? Or is it because Lena knows about B and Dani’s hookup? (I assume the latter.) During Mike’s visit with Lena though, he lets it out that Dani would like to have a kid in the near future. Be lucky that she didn’t already have one with Brandon! Awkward.

Afterwards, Lena and Stef are seen cuddling close on one of the kid’s beds while more possible buyers inspect their bed. It’s then they try to brainstorm possible baby names. Lena feels they should name her after Stef’s Dad. No, not Frank…Francesca. They can call her Frankie for short. Stef thinks it’s perfect. This sweet moment is cut short though when Lena decides Stef should know something about Brandon. Uh-oh! Is the hookup out of the bag?

Alas, Lena just told Stef about how Brandon got high a few days back. Stef keeps it simple: if Brandon’s grades start to suffer because of the band (and their crazy shenanigans), it’s buh-bye musical outlet (the band).

The following day during school, Mariana gets pulled from class. As did the rest of the Adams-Foster kids.
At the hospital, it’s revealed to Stef and Lena that Lena’s condition has gotten worse and they need to deliver the baby stat to save Lena. Unfortunately, it’s impossible for the baby to survive with it only being at 20 weeks (baby’s can only survive the earliest at 24). Lena wants to hold back a couple weeks, until the baby is stronger. Stef isn’t so sure if that’s the smart choice.
As Stef exit’s the hospital room and consults the nurse, the nurse explains that legally they can’t force Lena to deliver the baby now. But Lena’s health will diminish the longer the baby’s inside of her.
Stef breaks the news to the kids in the waiting room. They’re sad that the baby will not be born, but relieved that Lena should be okay. Without a second to lose, we see Lena’s Mom, Dana, rush into the hospital and immediately hold Stef in an embrace. Stef, always the strong one, hugs Dana like it’s the only thing keeping her alive.

Dana visits her grieving daughter in her hospital room. No words are spoken, just more hugging and heartache from both women. Ugh, the sadness!

While the tears and sadness are inside the hospital, Brandon and Callie meet outside the hospital. He explains that Wyatt met him earlier to talk about her. It’s then that Callie realizes she freaked out on Wyatt because of Liam. Brandon feels she should quit shutting out Wyatt and come clean on the rape.

Lena talks to her Mom inside, where she gushes out more sad feelings. She thinks that the kids won’t love her eventually, because she isn’t related by blood to any of them. Dana explains to her daughter that, “Love will always be a stronger bond than blood.” The kids love Lena for her, and that’s all that matters.

With Callie and Jude in the waiting room, she explains to him that he understands why he’s angry. He’s angry that they don’t share the same dad. He’s angry that she met Sophia. If spending time with Sophia hurts Jude that much, Callie will gladly stop seeing her for Jude. She mentions that there is nothing Jude can say/do to make her run away again. But he can’t shut her or anyone else out. It’s selfish and that is something is definitely not. And with that, Jude lets out an, “Okay.“ The boy speaks!
As Dana walks into the waiting area, she reveals that Lena is in fact losing the baby.

Back at home, Callie meets with Wyatt on the porch outside. She’s spills the reason why she clammed up during their intimate moment. Because she was raped and she hasn’t exactly gotten over it. She needs space to figure things out. Wyatt says he’ll give her all the space she needs, all he asks in return is that she talks to him…open and honestly.

Once Lena is out of the hospital (and after she received a lovely stuffed unicorn named Frankie from a girl), the family plants a cherry tree in the honor of Frankie. May she always be remembered.



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