'The Fosters' Recap: 2.07 "The Longest Day"

By Kelly Sarna,

It’s one fine (and long) day for the Adams-Fosters gang, in this episode of The Fosters. Jude and Callie are bonding with the Quinns, Mariana and Jesus are practicing at school, and Brandon tries to strike up the courage to confess his night with Dani to Stef and Mike.

Nothing like starting a day at the Adams-Foster house then with Jesus and Mariana screaming at each other about overusing the bathroom. Today, everyone is doing their own thing. Jude and Callie are spending time with the Quinn’s on their yacht, Mariana and Jesus are heading to school for practice (dancing and wrestling respectively), and everyone else is spending a quiet day at home. With Stef being home, Lena advises Brandon that he finally come clean to her about his hookup with Dani. (Gulps.)

At school, Jesus deals with a still hostile Emma during wrestling practice. She’s angry at him that he slept with another girl, even if they were broken up at the time. Girl, chill! Jesus tries to reason with her, but she’s not budging. As Emma leaves the conversation, Jesus spots Hayley clearly eavesdropping before dance practice.

Callie and Jude’s trip on the boat is off to a rocky start. Jude immediately sees the resemblance Sophia and her share. Callie just shrugs it off and the two hop on the yacht, meeting the Quinns. Sophia is completely stoked that Jude is finally meeting her as well as their Dad. Callie corrects her that they already have a Dad, Don Jacob. So as not to continue this awkward conversation between them, Jill Quinn asks Sophia to help her with lunch.

Back at the house, poor Stef thinks the afternoon ahead will be a quiet one. Oh how wrong she is. As she walks in, she sees both Brandon and Lena on the couch, very intervention-esque of them. Before Stef can react, Mike also arrives, saying they wanted to talk to him about something. That they do. Lena advises before they leave this room, they have to figure out as a family what to do. Also to hear Brandon out, this subject is hard for him to talk about. After interruptions from both Mike and Stef, Brandon finally comes out with it. That he and Dani had sex. The end result is Stef and Mike, screaming at each other over their parenting and not really listening to Brandon. Because of the bad reaction, Brandon gets up to leave. Lena takes matters into her own hand and yells at the two that they need to put their differences and blame aside and be there for Brandon right now.

With Mariana, she finds out from the team captain, that they don’t have enough money to send everyone to their next competition. And fundraising is a no-go at Anchor Beach. Guess everyone must be on their best behavior to make the cut. That includes Mariana, who performs rather bleak during practice. The new girl (also best dancer on the squad), Tia, tries to help her with the routine. Without even trying, Mariana says it doesn’t come naturally like it must to Tia. Taking offensive, Tia suggests Mariana should figure it out on her own. Ouch.
After Brandon’s confession, Stef finds him cooped up in his room. She tries to explain to him that what Dani did to him was illegal, he’s 16 and she’s an adult. Brandon replies that he knows exactly what he did and doesn’t feel like a victim. He doesn’t want to take this to the police. Downstairs, Mike has no idea what to do. He wants to talk to Dani and hear her side of the story, but Lena doesn’t feel that’s best. Not until they figure things out. Moments later, Stef comes from upstairs and mentions how Brandon doesn’t want to press charges. Mike is outraged, they’re making Dani out to be a rapist. (Again, Brandon is 16 and was drunk. Need anymore information?)

On the yacht, Sophia is fascinated by Callie’s life. Attending seven different schools, foster care and having a boyfriend? Sophia’s been to the same school her entire life and doesn’t have much of a life. Sophia’s Mom, Jill, finds her distaste for school alarming. She thought she loved the Europe trips and attending private school! Wrong you are, mother. Later, Callie, Sophia and Robert travel to the store via boat, while Jude and Jill stay on the yacht. While waiting for Robert to return, Sophia wonders what their lives would have been like if Callie’s Mom never would have left. Callie points out that there would be no Jude, or Sophia for that matter.
Jude is getting asked questions from Jill in regards to the adoption. Like, is it still happening? All signs point to yes according to him, as long as the Quinn’s sign the papers.

At the house, Stef feels bad with how she acted towards Mike as she meets with him outside. She can’t help it that she loves hard (according to Lena) and wishes for Brandon to be okay and do the right thing. Stef tries to have Mike imagine if Mariana was with a teacher, what would he do? Easy, lock him up, Mike replies. Why can’t the same punishment be for Dani?

Back on the yacht with everyone, Callie is looking at old photos of her Mom. Robert says anyone she likes, she can have. Callie also tries to turn down the college fund offer Robert originally offered her. She wants to save up money her way, by working and what not. Robert informs her that it could take years just to save up for a year alone. After much consideration, Callie decides she’ll take Robert’s generous offer with the college fund. She’d be stupid not to, right?

Brandon is in his music studio (once was the garage) when Mike enters to talk to him. Upon seeing him, Brandon apologizes for everything. But there’s nothing for him to apologize for. Sure he was drunk and made a bad decision (which in the future he’ll have to be more careful with), but Dani was in the wrong…case closed. It took Mike a little while, but eventually he realized what needed to be done.

Once finally home, Callie asks Jude what he thought of the Quinn’s. He’s honest, he wishes she never met them, but they seem like nice people. Speaking of, Robert and Sophia are talking about how great Callie is. Heck, Sophia wishes she could become a member of the family.

Next, the moment we’ve all been waiting for occurs. Dani opening the door to the police. The next we see her, she’s being led in handcuffs by the police into a car. Mike just sits idly by while all of this goes down.

We end this episode with Stef trying to comfort Brandon the only way she knows how. By holding him close and kissing him on the forehead. Oh how she wishes she could have made all of this go away with a simple band-aid.



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