French primary school teacher stabbed to death in front of students

By Kyle Johnson,

A primary school teacher in southern France was stabbed to death by a parent in front of students on the last day of school on Friday.

The attack occurred in the early morning at the Edouard Herriot primary school in the city of Albi, with officials saying the mother was immediately detained, according to Yahoo.

"This morning, a mother showed up with a knife and stabbed a 34-year-old teacher in front of her students, for reasons that will be determined by the investigation," said Claude Derens, city prosecutor. "When I arrived at the scene they were trying to revive her. She was in cardiac arrest in her classroom."

BBC News reports that the teacher, whose name is Fabienne Terral-Calmes, was stabbed by the mother who was said to have produced a knife while dropping off her child and screamed, "I am not a thief."

A school parent group representative said that there were no reported issues between the teacher and the mother, but Le Point magazine claims the 47-year-old murderer told police, "the teacher was bad" to her young child.

France has been struggling with parent-teacher interactions as of late, as a recently released report says that nearly 50 percent of school heads were verbally abused by parents, most often upset with the level of punishment issued against their child.

Some interactions have led to physical assault and many teachers now refuse to deal with parents at all.



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