Frontier Airlines pilot buys pizzas for his passengers after flight is diverted

By Elizabeth Learned,

The worst thing in the world is to experience a delay in your flight. One pilot made the experience a little more bearable for his passengers when he decided to treat them to dinner.

According to KUSA, a Frontier Airlines flight was diverted due to thunderstorms and lightening that were occurring over the Denver area where the flight was supposed to land. Flight 719 had to go to southern Wyoming instead.

Captain Gerhard Bradner had been feeling hungry and he decided instead of just buying a pizza for himself, he would buy a pizza for the entire aircraft, so he purchased 50 pizzas at no expense to anyone but himself.

He could hear the passengers applauding once he announced the pizza was coming, but he had to reprogram the computers on the plane for when he flew back toward Denver once they were able to fly home.

Associated Press reported that the manager for Domino’s Pizza, where Bradner placed the order, were just about to close when the call was made. They had thirty minutes to make the pizzas when they usually can make around 35 pizzas in an hour.

The flight eventually left around 10:30 pm and arrived in Denver around five hours after it had originally been scheduled to land.



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