FXX announces the 'Simpsons World' website

By Benjamin Mazzara ,
Website will feature all 522 episodes of the animated series, and will be searchable by quotes

The FXX Network has announced that they will be announcing "The Simpsons World,” a website that will allow fans of the series to access every single episode of the animated series online.

As noted by Entertainment Weekly, the site is a testament and part of FXX’s campaign to advertise their exclusive cable rights to air episodes of the long-running animated sitcom created by Matt Groening (pictured above).

Also included in the campaign is a planned marathon of all 522 episodes of the series (as well as the movie) that will run for 12 straight days of 24-hour programming, starting on August 21.

Only “authenticated" FX viewers will have instant access to the on demand site to their various devices, and will be able to search the hundreds of episodes for specific quotes, characters, and episodes. They will even be able make their own playlists for their favorite clips, quotes, and episodes from the series' 25-season run. In comparison, Hulu currently has a sizeable amount of Simpsons clips, but only allows access to the most recent episodes of the long-running series.

Al Jean, the executive producer for the series for more than a decade, expressed humorous support of the site, quipping "I don't want to over-promise, but this website can provide you with affordable health care."

In a more professional manner, the network also gave hints of what to expect from the website, stating “'The Simpsons World' will "offer a unique and personalized Simpsons experience for both casual and super fans by allowing users to interact with premium content in unprecedented ways. For the first time ever, all authenticated viewers will have instant and on-demand access to every single Simpsons episode ever.”

As noted by Newsday, the website will most likely be the most extensive website airing episodes for only a single television program, and will most likely cut down on the show’s piracy rate, which also rates amongst the highest ever on the Internet.

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