'General Hospital' weekly recap – Week of 6/30-7/4

By Sari N. Kent,
Ava moved her mother, Delia, into Sonny’s house, Maxie and Levi staged a protest at Bobbie’s old brownstone, Maxie and Levi were arrested, Alice was onto Tracy’s deception against Michael, Alice collapsed at ELQ before she could tell Michael what she knew, Molly and TJ went to see the town’s fireworks, Sam and Patrick tracked down the car that killed baby Gabriel to Silas and they realized that it was Rafe Jr. who was the one driving Silas’ car that night and Nina bribed Rafe Jr. with money to leave town after he saw her out of her wheelchair!

In the park, Carly assured Sonny that Franco will keep his mouth shut about his killing AJ. Elsewhere, Rafe Jr. met with his drug dealer and didn't have enough cash so he tried begging, but his dealer cut him off.

Ava was at Sonny's feeling antsy when the doorbell rang. "Thank G-d you're here!" the blond blurted as she answered the door. Moments later, Sonny arrived. Ava then introduced him to her mother, Delia. Sonny rolled his eyes, while Ava smirked. Delia then went on and on about her life and admitted that she wasn’t close to her Ava. She then announced that she was moving in to look after her “baby girl.” Ava then sent her off to make herbal tea. "I know what you're up to lady and it ain't gonna work," Sonny told Ava after Delia left. They then bickered and he said that Delia would drive her crazier than he ever could. Then, Delia returned. After Sonny told her how much he was going to enjoy having Delia there, he left. Once Sonny was gone, Ava shrieked. "He's trying to kill me," she told Delia, who then spit out her tea. Ava then explained about how after the baby was born, Sonny would kill her, but she wouldn't explain the rest.

Franco showed up at Michael's office at ELQ, but Michael didn't want to talk to him. Before Franco could tell Michael about Sonny, Carly interrupted. Michael then got a phone call and left. Once Michael was gone, Carly screamed at Franco, who replied that he wanted to free her and Michael from Sonny. They then bickered and she accused him of feeling threatened by Sonny. She then pointed out that Michael would hate her when he learned that she had been keeping the truth about who killed AJ from him. Franco then admitted that he was worried about her relationship with Sonny. Carly replied that he would have to accept that Sonny would always be in her life or they were over. Franco then asked Carly for another chance. She agreed to give him one on the condition that she make him promise to keep her secrets quiet and he offered to prove how trustworthy he could be. Then, they embraced.

Kiki and a shirtless Morgan were stripping the walls of Bobbie’s old brownstone when Levi and Maxie arrived. Levi wanted to stop them from “ruining Port Charles” through gentrification. Morgan politely asks them to go, but Levi settled in for a sit-in and Maxie joined him. Kiki thought they were wasting their time and ought to go badger someone at ELQ if they had a problem with the restoration project. Morgan then called Michael about the situation. When Michael arrived, Levi told him that he was to blame. Yet, Michael insisted that the restoration project would be good for the people of Port Charles and asked Levi to leave but he refused. Michael then threatened to have Maxie and Levi arrested for trespassing, but Maxie insisted on supporting Levi. Michael then called the cops.

At the garage, Sam gasped and explained to Patrick that she knew the owner of the car who ran him, Sabrina and Emma off the road that night. “It was Silas’ car,” Sam said. "I'm gonna kill 'em," replied Patrick. Sam started making excuses and said that it had to be a coincidence, but Patrick stormed off with Sam trailing behind him.

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