George R.R. Martin offended fans wonder if he'll live to finish 'A Song of Ice and Fire' series

By Kyle Johnson,

George R.R. Martin has heard fan speculation about whether he will keep on ticking long enough to finish his book series A Song of Ice and Fire and is not at all happy about it. His simple response to those fans: "f--- you."

In an interview with Swiss newspaper Tagesanzeiger, the author let his feelings on the matter be known. "I find that question pretty offensive, people speculating about my death and my health. I say f--- you to those people."

Martin acknowledged that he has never changed his writing process - which isn't quick, but as he is 65 years old, he doesn't plan on changing that.

"I've been writing professionally since 1971. I know my working methods, I don't work when I travel, I don't work in hotels, I don't work on trains. I work at home. ... I'm not going to change it now because some people are too impatient to wait for the next book."

Fans have long pondered whether Martin will be able to pump out the two remaining books, especially at the speed he is known to write. According to TheWrap, it took six years for A Dance With Dragons to hit shelves, and it's already been three years since then.

There has also been worry about how HBO's series Game of Thrones will proceed when it inevitably catches up to where Martin is, which is quite likely.

Image courtesy of Roger Wong/INFphoto.com



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