Giant pacific halibut caught in Alaska

By Zach Levatino,

In 1996, a 459-pound Pacific halibut was caught in Alaska to set a new world record. On Thursday, July 3, 2014, Jack McGuire, 76, caught a 482-pound Pacific halibut.

image via Twitter from Blue Planet Society

Unfortunately, McQuire didn't claim a new world record on the grounds that he and his friends had harpooned the giant fish while in the water to keep it from flopping around and hurting someone. However, it is still a massive fish and the catch of a lifetime. McGuire’s hook was baited with sardines and octopus brain.

McQuire was on a week-long fishing trip near Glacier Bay, Alaska with three friends when he caught the massive fish. He battled with it for around 40 minutes before reeling it in close enough to harpoon, according to Associated Press. Once the fish was on the boat, they measured it at 95 inches and 482 pounds.

The men were aboard Captain Rye Phillips ship, a five-day fishing excursions out of the fishing village of Gustavus.

“Last year, we caught 57 fish over 200 pounds so it’s pretty common to see bigger fish here,” Phillips told Orange County Register, “But not common to see a giant one like that.”

McGuire is no stranger to catching big fish. He takes an annual trip to Baja, California, where he has caught a 513-pound marlin and a 62-pound mahimahi. That said, this was still the biggest fish Jack has ever caught.

“The moment I set the hook I hollered, ‘I got a big one!’” McGuire said. “We get in the back of the boat and we get in this battle.”



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