Giant Rubik’s Cube is towed down the Hudson River to celebrate creator’s birthday.

By Mila Whiteley ,

On July 11, to honor the birth of Rubik’s cube creator Ernö Rubik, a huge inflatable Rubik’s cube was towed down all the way from Staten Island to Manhattan and back again.

Along with celebrating Rubik’s 70th birthday, fans of the time-consuming '80s toy are also celebrating the 40-year anniversary of the cube itself. Celebrations for the milestone were already seen earlier this year when Google made their new doodle a virtual Rubik’s Cube, inviting users to test their wits and strategy, as we previously reported.

The giant Rubik’s Cube does not only honor Rubik but also brings attention to another event celebrating the Rubik’s cube: an exhibit dedicated to the toy called “Beyond Rubik’s Cube.” Open at Jersey City’s Library Science Center, the “Beyond Rubik’s Cube” exhibit contains attractions such as a robot that can solve a Rubik’s Cube in 60 seconds and art and projects that were inspired by the cube, as reported by Fox News.

Library Science Center CEO Paul Hoffman worked with inventor Erno Rubik and Google to create the exhibit. Hoffman explained his reasons for making the exhibit to CBS New York, saying that the Rubik’s Cube is “by far and away the world’s best selling puzzle. It may be the world’s bestselling toy, too.”



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