Google conducts study to determine what perfect health looks like

By Allison Rubenstein,

Google will be conducting a study to determine what a perfectly healthy individual should look like, inside and out, in an effort to advance preventative treatment and lessen the need for post-sickness treatment.

Molecular biologist Dr. Andrew Conrad will head the study and oversee between 70 and 100 scientists who will assist him, as reported by the Business Standard.

The pilot study will consist of 175 volunteers who will provide various sorts of health data, including genetic history, stress levels, and test results of urine, blood, and saliva, according to Yahoo News.

Conrad explained the necessity of determining the ideal human system in order to effectively seek solutions to health problems. “If we really wanted to be proactive, what would we need to know? You need to know what the fixed, well-running thing should look like,” said Conrad.

Once the initial data is collected and analyzed, Google will collaborate with Duke University and Stanford University to design a large-scale study that will further advance Conrad’s research.



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