'Graceland' Recap: 'H-A-Double-P-Y'

By Vannessa Jackson,

This may be the most explosive episode of Graceland yet. Johnny doesn’t seem to be able to turn his cop instinct off. Johnny arrives to a family feud at Carlito’s house. Tensions run high and his sister throws a vase at his head, which he reacts to by choking her out. Johnny can’t sit back and watch him kill her, so he hits him in the head. Luckily, Carlito doesn’t kill him, but kicks him out of his house.

Back at Graceland, it seems love is in the air. Mike tries to cheer up Paige about her case with the girls who are being sex trafficked, and Charlie tells Briggs she is in love with him. Jakes, however, is busy helping the prostitute he ended up with last week. If he had been home, he would have been able to meet Assistant Deputy Director Foster, A.K.A. Mike’s handler, A.K.A. his love interest from DC. Her visit of short lived once she tells them she is here to shut down the case. Mike obviously protests, but Johnny mentions that he may have blown his cover with Carlito.

Things seem to be going just as badly for Jakes who is already riding on thin ice since his return. In order to rush the cover a little he pretends to be drunk to get called into his boss’s office, and then vomits on his boss. It seems like this is an attempt by Jakes to ruin the case, but it was his way of getting the schedule for Mike, no matter how unconventional his choices. What he finds is that they have two days, but they need everyone’s help, so they have to pull the team working on Paige’s bus case.

Jakes returns home to find his son. He is just about to send him home because of the restraining order, until the girl he has been hanging around convinces him to take a little time to just hang out with his son. They all go to the fair and hang out until he has to take Daniel home.

Mike returns home to tell Paige that her team has been pulled, and she asks him how long he has been sleeping with her. His first reaction is to deny it, but then he fesses up and tells the truth. She tells him that in order to get her team back he should seduce Jessica. Mike does not feel comfortable with that idea, but it may be their only chance.

Johnny goes over to Carlito’s house where it is completely dark and a little ominous. Carlito asks him if he enjoyed hitting him, and Johnny tells him the truth. Carlito tells him a story about his childhood and then slowly gets right next to his face and asks him, “Do you believe in me, Johnny.” However, his body language seems to be implying a little more. Regardless of his motives, he sends Johnny home. Mike decides that in order to find out where the shipment is, Johnny may have to use Carlito’s “feelings” about Johnny to persuade him to bring him along for the shipment.

Mike may have to do the same thing in order to convince Jessica not to shutdown Paige’s case. Mike is about to sleep with her, but then decides he cares to much about Paige. Paige is fine, but can’t give up her case just yet. She gets Jakes to help her pull a “Mike on Mike.” Meanwhile, Johnny is at the club seeing if his seduction skills will play out better. He gets Carlito mad enough to take him into a private area, and then he kisses him. Carlito pulls a gun on Johnny and pistol whips him and then kisses Johnny back. Carlito agrees to put Johnny on the pickup. Carlito’s sister confronts Johnny about being gay and he denies it, and then she kisses him right before Carlito pulls up.

Paige has finally gotten on the bus and made contact with another girl, her name is Onica. Paige gives her a clip that is a tracking device and tells her to wear it. Onica tells her that they told her to take the backpack and the man in the cowboy hat would look for her. Onica looks very sick and Paige leads her to the bathroom. However, while she is in the bathroom Jakes gets picked up for breaking his restraining order. Onica starts seizing in the bathroom and Paige tries to tell Jakes, but he has already been arrested.

Carlito calls off the pickup and so Mike sends everyone in to check out the barrels anyways, and they all explode. At the same time Onica is dead in the bathroom, and Paige who thinks Jakes is still tracking her, takes matters into her own hands. She decides to take her place and wear the wire, but Jakes doesn’t hear this. Without realizing it, Paige just put herself in the sex trade. Hopefully the agents of Graceland can get her out... before it is too late.

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