Gunman has been captured by police after killing six near Houston, Texas

By Angelica Stephens,

Ronald Lee Haskell has been captured by police for killing six relatives of his estranged wife and injuring a 15 year-old girl after a three hour standoff in Spring, Texas, 20 miles from Houston.

According to CNN, Haskell arrived at the home of one of his estranged wife’s relatives wearing a purple shirt that disguised him as a Fed-Ex worker.

Haskell then forced himself into the home and tied up the children present, while waiting for their parents to arrive. Later on he shot and killed two young boys and two young girls, all 13 years of age and under, as well as their parents. One of the young boys was rushed to the hospital but died shortly after. He also shot a 15-year old girl, Cassidy, who ended up being the only one to survive the tragic occurrence.

Cassidy was shot in the head but survived the blow and contacted police after hearing that her ex-uncle was going to her grandparents’ house next. She is currently hospitalized and is in critical condition.

Police rushed to the house of Cassidy’s grandparents; with Haskell appearing shortly after. Police promptly followed his car, blocking it for three hours. Two armor trucks were placed in the front and the back of the car as well while police spoke with Haskell. People who lived in the area were told to leave their homes during that time as well. Haskell held a gun to his head several times throughout the standoff, but eventually gave himself up to police around 10 p.m., according to ABC 13 News.

Haskell faces six separate charges of capital murder with no bond.



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