Hamas, Israel agree to 72-hour ceasefire in Gaza Strip

By Kyle Johnson,

Hamas and Israel have reportedly agreed to a 72-hour ceasefire in the Gaza Strip, the United Nations and United States announced Thursday.

Both UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon and U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry revealed the ceasefire agreement, The Wall Street Journal reports, which will begin Friday morning.

"This is not a time for congratulations and joy or anything except a serious determination, a focus by everybody to try and figure out the road ahead," Kerry said.

During the three-day ceasefire, Hamas and Israel will sit down and look to try and devise a more permanent truce as more than 1,400 people in Gaza have been killed and 56 on the Israeli side have died.

Another 15,000 Palestinians are currently looking for safety in shelter in Gaza due to the escalating violence, upping UN numbers to 250,000.

Kerry urged that both sides honor the three-day truce, according to Voice of America. "This ceasefire is critical to giving innocent civilians a much-needed reprieve from violence."

But despite the truce and urging from international parties, Israel isn't exactly going to relax as Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said they will continue to work toward destroying the remaining Palestinian-built tunnels near the border.



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