'The Haves and the Have Nots' recap: 'Again and Again'

By Marie Blake,

Jeffrey has sex with a girl, Candace is free again, Veronica finds Maggie in David's room and Jeffrey in Landon's room, and Amanda is still going crazy!

Veronica asks Jeffrey why he was in the room with Landon, and David tells her that he asked him to come. Veronica leaves and David tries to take care of things, telling Jeffrey that it is going to be okay.

Veronica tells Jeffrey that he will drive with her, but Landon asks Jeffrey if he wants to ride with him instead. Veronica, being her usual self, dismisses Maggie and Landon so she can talk to Jeffrey. Landon and Maggie head to the campaign headquarters.

Maggie asks Landon why Jeffrey was there, but he doesn't say anything.

David gets outside and hugs Veronica as she cries. She tells Jeffrey to get in the car but David tells him not to get in the car. He tells Jeffrey that he doesn't have to be afraid of her, but he says he does and gets in the car with his mother.

Byron shows up at Jim's home. Celine tells Jim that he is here and starts talking to Amanda and Wyatt. Wyatt asks why a police officer is here and she tells him she doesn't know. He asks her to snoop.

Hanna and Benny are home and share an emotional moment.

Jim speaks to Byron about Hanna. Byron tells Jim that she is going to testify against Wyatt, and that they are going to re-arrest him. Jim tells Byron not to talk to Hanna again since their business is over. After Byron hesitates, Jim realizes that Byron likes Hanna and demands that he stay away from her.

Just then, Hanna calls Byron. He answers and puts it on speakerphone. She invites him to Benny's surprise party. Celine comes outside asking for Jim, and Hanna hears her on the phone. Byron reconsiders about going to the party but Hanna tells him not to come and hangs up.

In the car, Veronica asks Jeffrey again why he was in Landon's room. He tells her that he met him before at a gay bar that Candace took him to. Veronica threatens to drive off the bridge. "You'd be doing both of us a favor," Jeffrey says and takes off his seat belt, but puts it back on and apologizes.

Veronica asks about his date with Melissa. He tells her that she stayed at his apartment and they had sex; she appears to be happy with that, but he tells her he hated it. She asks him how many girls he's been with, realizing that this was his first time and pats him on the shoulder.

Veronica tells Jeffrey that she hated her first time also, but she did it again, and tells Jeffrey that he will do the same.

Candace is at her empty apartment when she gets a call from Benny. She agrees to drop by the house later and they hang up.

Jim's decoy manages to escape from Rose, but she has her men searching for him. She asks about Candace, telling him that she should have been killed, but Jim tells her that she is not a problem anymore.

After hearing about Jim's upcoming announcement, Candace tells Warlock that they need to make their move tonight. She then gets a call from Amanda, who asks her about Quincy and her baby. She also tells her that he is looking for her but Candace tells her not to tell him where she is. She tells Candace that Quincy was flirting with her and Candace tells her to stay away from him, but Amanda ends the call abruptly. Candace packs her things and leaves the apartment.

Amanda calls Quincy and asks about a tattoo for killing someone. He asks if she heard from Candace, but she tells him to take her to get a death tattoo first. He agrees.

Rose find's Norm, and Jim arrives. They threaten him once more and Norm agrees that he will do what they say.

Celine sees Amanda acting suspicious and asks if she is going somewhere. Quincy shows up and Amanda leaves with him while Celine tries to stop her.

There are two episodes left of The Haves and the Have Nots. Next week, Wyatt is arrested again and Candace may finally reveal where her baby is.

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